Project Management (MBA 526)

The course deals with the general and basic aspects of project management analysing the basic factors involved in managing projects such as deadlines, budgets, output quality, human effort and potential trade-offs between them, and the various practices and methods used in planning and organising tasks. The course covers a range of practical topics including project risk assessment, project risk management, team issues, project portfolio evaluation, time planning, budget planning, cost planning and control, quality management, and applications of project management tools to product development.

Shipping Economics (MBA 531)

Shipping is one of the leading industries internationally as it facilitates international trade. This course describes and explains issues about the characteristics and organisation of global shipping, the types of cargo carried and the types of vessels and their characteristics as well as the organisation of shipping operations. It also examines the economic structure and behavior of the main shipping markets including the new building market, the second hand market, the demolition market and the freight market. The shipping industry is analysed from a supply and demand perspective with in-depth analysis of the factors influencing the workings of the industry. Focus is also given to economic structure of the dry bulk sector, the tankers sector and the container-ship sector (liner shipping) along with their operational characteristics, and the international regulations and policies that may affect these markets.

Organisational Behavior (MBA 524)

This course describes human behavior within different organisations and institutions. The topics covered include organisational development and design, organisational relationships, practical methods for analyzing and predicting individual and group behavior, decision making, performance measurement and control, conflict and negotiation, and leadership issues.

Supply Chain Management (MBA 504)

Supply chain management represents nowadays a great challenge as well as a great opportunity for most firms. Supply chain management is all about managing the hand-offs in a supply chain including activities such as logistics management, supply chain integration, reverse logistics chain, intermodal transportation, international logistics and telematics technology applications. The course places particular emphasis on the role of general managers in the supply chain and on the evaluation of the modern trends in supply chain management.

Policy and Planning for Tourism Development (MBA 533)

This course provides an examination of the role played by policy, strategic planning, and destination planning in enhancing the sustainable development of tourism. It analyses and evaluates the role of both public and private sector in tourism development. The main topics covered include introduction to tourism, policy and planning, investigation of the trends, and practices adopted in policy and planning, analysis of planning processes, and constraints in sustainable tourism development.